Deep 7™

Deep 7™
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This full sinking fly line was developed for the expert competition reservoir “buzzer” or chironomid anglers in the United Kingdom who need to get their flies down deep and fast. The Deep 7, built on an ultra thin single-strand monofilament core, is one of the fastest and most durable sinking lines in the world. It gets flies down deep and generates high line speed. North American anglers find it useful fishing in waters such as the Kamloops area of British Columbia or the desert lakes of the U.S. The Deep 7 is created for a 7 weight fly rod, but can be used on 5 – 8 weight.

Deep 7: WF7S ~ 7 - 9 ips (17.8 cm/s - 20.3 cm/s)

Length: 100 ft (30.5 m)
Color: Black

Line Size Running Line Length Running Line Diameter Rear Taper Length Body Length Body Diameter Front Taper Length Tip Length Tip Diameter Total Head Length 30 Ft Weight Total Length Sink Rate Tensile Strength
WF7S7 60 0.025 4.5 30 0.028 6.8 0.5 0.025 40 193 100 7.0-9.0 25