Our company was established around 2001, Fisknat came into the Fly Fishing Industry ready to help change things. We have prided ourselves on making the best for everyone who purchases our nets and for the fish being caught.

Fisknat was the very first company to produce a rubber bag wood framed landing net. About 8 years ago bob started making them for his quide friends who had complained about needing a quality rubber bag boat net. From the time that we sold our first rubber bag boat net we had so many inquiries about getting a rubber bag into all of our hand, float tube and pontoon nets.

In spring of 2002 Fisknat landing nets again made fly fishing history bringing rubber bags to all of our 16 sizes and models of wood framed landing nets. No other landing net company has yet to have a rubber bag in all of there hand, float tube, pontoon and boat nets.

In Spring of 2005 Fisknat Landing nets had done it yet again. We have came up with a light weight rubber bag to fill all of our hand, float tube, pontoon nets and boat nets!! There is nothing else on the market like our light weight rubber bag net. It only weighs a few ounces and is very durable and fish friendly! Please feel free to email us with any inquiries about our new bags!

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