Lefty Kreh TiCr X Fly Rod -- From $249.95

Lefty Kreh TiCr X Series
Lefty Kreh TiCr X Series
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We could tell you about big adventures and great success with this rod. Blah, blah, blah. Just pick it up and you'll have your own success stories to tell.

The evolution of the Lefty Kreh TiCr X Series has been fascinating. Imagine Lefty Kreh taking a prototype and saying "this is a nice rod but..." then imagine new mandrels and as many as 6 prototypes later having him say, "PERFECT!"

Lefty designed the TiCr X Series to be a powerful angling tool. Rod weights 5-8 are designed to present flies at distant targets. Rod weights 9-12 have the power to launch larger flies and to lift an angry fish out of the depths. The reserve power in the TiCr X Series give these rods the ability to carry a lot of line in the air and can easily be over lined for close-in work. The X rod's blue finish spring to life in a little sunlight while the flor grade cork, oversized titanium oxide stripping guides, and uplocking reel seat with cushioned hoods top off this ultimate package of form and function.

"WOW!!!!! This rod throws a line as flat as a billiard table with a loop you can throw through a screen door. I would certainly rate this one of the very best eight weight rods I have ever cast. For anyone who likes a fast action rod - this does it in spades." --Lefty Kreh

Braided Graphite/Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat
Handsomely finished in a rich blue blank color, the 5 & 6 (lt) weights have a reversed half wells grip, single up locking rings and a matte black graphite insert.
Line Length Pieces Weight (oz.) Description Price
TFO 04 90 4 TX 4 wt 9'0" 4 3.4 IM6 Graphite $249.95
TFO 05 90 4 TX 5 wt 9'0" 4 3.7 IM6 Graphite $224.95
TFO 06 90 4 TXlt 6 wt 9'0" 4 3.8 IM6 Graphite $224.95

Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat with Fighting Butt
These rods are equipped with a fighting butt and feature full wells grips and channel lock sliding rear hoods with double locking rings. Oversized titanium oxide first stripping guides start with a #20 on the 6,7, and 8 and #24 on the 9 weight through 12 weight.

Line Length Pieces Weight (oz.) Description Price
TFO 06 76 4 TX 6 wt 7'6" 4 4.0 IM6 Graphite $249.95
TFO 06 90 4 TX 6 wt 9'0" 4 4.8 IM6 Graphite $249.95
TFO 07 90 4 TX 7 wt 9'0" 4 5.0 IM6 Graphite $249.95
TFO 08 76 4 TX 8 wt 7'6" 4 4.2 IM6 Graphite $249.95
TFO 08 90 4 TX 8 wt 9'0" 4 5.4 IM6 Graphite $249.95
TFO 09 90 4 TX 9 wt 9'0" 4 5.6 IM6 Graphite $249.95
TFO 10 90 4 TX 10 wt 9'0" 4 5.9 IM6 Graphite $249.95
TFO 12 90 4 TX 12 wt 9'0" 6.3 IM6 Graphite $249.95

Temple Fork Outfitters introduces a most unique concept...Turn your 7 or 8 weight TiCr X Rod into a 7/8 Two-Handed Rod with the 7/8 Conversion Kit....two lower rod sections designed to replace the single-handed grip section on existing 7 and 8-weight 9' 4-piece TiCrX fly rods. With a total of 6 rod sections of equal length you can now have both, a great 9' 4-piece traditional fly rod, and a 5-piece 11'3" two-hander for easy overhead distance casting.

Offered separately from the 9' 4 piece rod, the TiCrX two-handed conversion sections include a full two-handed grip with Flor grade cork and heavy-duty knurled reel seat, large Titanium Oxide stripping guides and handsome rod sock.
Line Length Pieces Weight (oz.) Description Price
TFO 7/8 113 5 X 10-12 wt 4'6" (11'3" with X Rod) 2 (5 pc with X Rod)   IM6 Graphite $149.95