Our story is a little different from other manufacturers. We are not injection molders turned reel makers, aircraft parts makers turned reel makers, nor just passionate fly fishermen with an idea of the perfect reel turned reel makers.

We are 7th generation metal mechanics manufacturers that have been in the fishing industry for all seven generations. We are 6x grandchildren of Ole Mustad, founder of O. Mustad & Søn, a metal mechanics company founded in 1832 in Norway that today is most famous for its hooks and horse shoe nails. Family albums are packed with fishing pictures from remote Norwegian rivers, and pictures of engineering and manufacturing contraptions such as fish hooks, horse shoe nails, thumb tacks, screws, railway bolts and automobiles.

What has set seven generations apart from the rest of the world is the family’s obsessive dedication to the development of revolutionary technologies for the production of small metal parts, and the redesigning of existing products and processes to make them more efficient and effective.

We are part of this seventh generation of Mustads: metal mechanics, tinkerers, re-inventors and fly fishermen, and we invented, tinkered, tested and manufactured what has become a leading brand in fly fishing reels – Nautilus® Reels, the best fly fishing reel you can buy: Award winning, Tested on Animals™ fly reels built by fly fishermen with a manufacturing-encoded DNA. Had our forefathers built planes, we would have grown wings by now!

Enjoy your days on the water and catch a few fish, or just take in the moment. When the time comes to rely on your tackle, get back to your daydreaming and let our reels work for you.