RIO Indicator

RIO Indicator
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RIO's new indicator line has been designed for the specific application of casting indicator rigs with ease - whether for trout or steelhead. the thick diameter tip and short front taper easily turns over the largest of indicators. while the ultra long head and back taper make it very easy to mend and control the way the fly fishes at great distance. The line is manufactured with RIO's latest high tech coatings: XS Technology for a super slick, dirt repelling coating, AgentX for and ultra smooth surface and high floating running line a Super Flotation Technology tip. The line also features RIO's DualTone color concept to easily show the angler the perfect loading point for each size line. A welded loop on both ends makes for easy rigging and fast leader changes. The highly visible tip can be used as an indicator - especially for Czech nymphing.

Each line comes packaged with a FREE RIO Indicator leader.

WF4F-WF5F Length: 90ft
WF6F-WF9F Length: 100ft