Galvan Tourque Tournament Series Reels with FREE Fly Line - From $600.00

Torque Tournament Series Reels
Torque Tournament Series Reels
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Torque Tournament Series Reels

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Boni Galvan set out to make a reel that would stop some of the biggest fish on the planet. Without a doubt he was successful with the introduction of the Galvan “Torque Tournament Series Reels.” Pure size, function, quality, and uniqueness, in smooth action and brute strength. These reels set a new standard in saltwater big game fly fishing!

Galvan Torque Tournament series features the following:

  • Mega Torque Stopping Power
  • Super fast retrieval rate
  • Comes in three sizes: T-14 fast, T-16 faster, and T-18 fastest
  • Innovative drag system
  • Imperceptible start-up inertia
  • Corrosion resistant and saltwater safe
  • Ported to the maximum strength-weight-ratio
  • Handle is larger and easier to grip
  • Spool releasing mechanism is super easy, no tools or complicated parts involved
  • De-tented drag knob for precision settings
  • Easily interchangeable from right to left hand retrieve
  • Comes in Blue, Clear and Black finishes
  • 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA by the Galvan Family

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    Model   Reel Price Spool Price Width (spool) Diameter Weight Line Capacities (50 lb)
    T-14  $600.00 $280.00 1.35" 5.00" 11.3 oz. Billfish Taper 500 yds**
    T-16  $700.00 $325.00 1.35" 5.50" 11.6 oz. Billfish Taper 500 yds**
    T-18*  $800.00 $370.00 1.35" 6.00" 12.0 oz. Billfish Taper 500 yds**